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things i've done

marched in name

of the invisible

amoung the Proud.

We made sneakers for marching in name of the closeted.

We made it literal to take a walk in someone else's shoes. It's estimated that circa 10% of the general population is LGBT, if in Mexico only 3% of the population is openly gay, it means there's about 9,000,000 people still in the closet. Sprite's mission is to refresh the young as they refresh the world, this means, change the narrative around closeted people who are always told to come out as if it was easy in a deeply macho country, and tell them we are also proud of them. Anonimously make them participate in the march through an unique pair of sneakers, and create awareness about this situation by telling their stories in social media.

Ok, what I did: The project was completely developed by me and my partner, it began by us coming up with the idea, then designing the sneakers, scripting the animations, and creating the whole storytelling of the campaign. Then we supervised every step of the production, helping providers, animators, partners like Amazon. 

Case Study

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Closet's Stories


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