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things i've done

made learning

a little bit more

fun for the kids.

History, science, biology, resilience. 

This is not about a specific project, but about an on-going group of projects for the past nine or so years. That are basically centered around education.

Creativity and design need to be practically invisible in these projects, here function is king. Education projects are very challenging pieces that requiere deep thought behind every aspect. Target goes from people who don't know how to read yet, to people whose bodies are growing hair in new places; many of them may have sight, motor, hearing or learning disabilities and many won't even know it yet. 

Budget is almost inexistent, every extra penny should go to reach more students, instead of improving media or materials. Many times, your final pieces will be produced by rural teachers with only a black and white printer, so you start thinking from the medium you have, and then extract the real message that should be behind every piece: what's the minimum they need to know, and from that point is where I start to build. 

Ok, what I did: Each project is different, sometimes I develop them by myself, sometimes I have a team. I always work very close to clients since they are the experts in their area; and then, depending in what is needed, I do design, copy, illustration, team organization, and whatever it may take.

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