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pour elegance 

into the beer world

(out of thin air).

Introducing Stella Artois to Mexico by social media

After Stella Artois arrived to Mexico it was completely unknown. People had no idea it existed, some even didn't know it was a beer. It competed against national and well positioned beers having a higher prices and less distribution.

Through social media building, we had to turn people that had no idea we existed into our fans. We began only with Facebook and added other channels with time. With a very limited amount of assets (we didn't even had a chalice in Mexico), some witty and Photoshop skills we engined this project and produced over 600 images in 2 years.

Ok, what I did: This was an on going two-person operation. With my partner, we created a medium-term plans on what had to be said, and on daily basis produced such messages. As Art Director, I was in charge of general supervision of the pieces produced, and adapting and looking after the brand essence. As well as the day-to-day production: design, retouch, photography and the creativity for each individual image.



4th Highest National Engage (Social Bakers, Nov '14) after six months


Half million followers in the first year

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