Creative & Designer

Hey! I'm Mariel

a Panamanian designer currently playing as Creative Director in Mexico City. 

So... about me: I've been working in advertising for the last 11 years. To keep it short, this is what I do: I make stuff up and craft images. I love both beyond my job.


On my daily basis, I've had the chance to work with some really cool brands, specially alcoholic drinks ;) like Stella Artois, Jack Daniel's, Budweiser, Bud Light, Cucapá, Tequila Herradura, Finlandia Vodka and more; also automotive brands like Volkswagen, Honda and Suzuki; some general big names like Coca Cola, Netflix, AB In Bev, Converse, Diesel, Red Bull, and so on; and of course, many wonderful small unknown brands plus some friends' bands.


On my free time, I enjoy collaborating with plenty independent projects. Mainly, I've been making educational material for some museums, NGOs, and other educational oriented projects in Panama for at least 9 years.


Anyway, I think both areas aim for the same: to engage someone else into understanding what you want to tell them. 

In this portfolio I wanted to show a few creativity pieces I'm really proud of, if you want to see some of my design, retouch and illustration work all the links are at the end of the page.


Bachelor Degree

in Graphic Design 

from Universidad Santa María la Antigua, Panamá

Masters Degree in Marketing and Advertising /

Minor in Creativity

from Universidad Latina de Panamá

Digital Invader School

by Grupo W WebScout 8


Only If

Grupo W

AC Mcgarrybowen

La Unión DDB

NEO! Creative Consulting

Blank Magazine

Basic Grid

(before this point, I was a tour guide in Panama City)


"Designer Girls"

Where do girls disappear between art school and senior design jobs? A comforting motivational guide to girls from Epic Queen CDMX Chapter.

"12 Things You Didn't Know About Social Media (the third will surprise you)"

An 18-hour introduction course to Social Media Design. 

"Guide for the Digital Foreigns"

Beginners guide design basics for Social Media. 

"What I Learned from Working in Social Media"

Best practices and methodology for communicating through Social Media. 



Book Alive

Bronze - Brand Experience & Activations​


Book Alive

Gold - Brand Experience & Activations​

Silver - Digital and Mobile Innovation



Book Alive

Gold - Best Live Event

Silver - Content 

Silver - Live Experiences

Silver - Use of Technology

Silver - Experiential Advertising

Bronze - Technology Innovation

Shortlist - Stunt

Trojan Donkey

Gold - Media

Bronze - Promos & Activations

Shortlist - Stunt


Gold - Actions in Social Media

Gold - Launch Campaign

Gold - Alcoholic Drinks

Silver - Social Media

Silver - Viral Advertising

Casa Mundet

Shortlist - Brand Building Action

Shortlist - Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Shortlist - Experience



Best in Show

Gold - Video

Silver - Brand Building​

Bronze - Social


Social Stella

4th Highest Engage