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give a backstage pass into a writer's creative process.

The first book ever read while it was being written

Many gimmicks are made to trick people into reading, but truth is people nowadays do read, in fact we read a lot, and all the time, just not from books. So, instead of trying to catch people's attention and make them look somewhere else, why not putting the books right infront of readers' eyes? Why not enjoy literature as everything else we enjoy in 2018: via streaming? 

Ok, what I did: The project was developed in collaboration between the agency Only If and Google. I was one of the Creative Directors from the agency in charge of carrying out the idea, from the first raw concept into a work plan, and how we would communicate it. As Art Director, I was involved in the production of the pieces. 

Case Study


Círculo de Oro - Mexico

Gold - Best Live Event

Silver - Content and Entertainment

Silver - Live Experiences

Silver - Use of Technology

Silver - Experiential Advertising

Bronze - Technology Innovation

Shortlist - Stunt


Only If ranked as 4th Best Agency in Mexico, highest ranking ever got.

Festival El Sol

Gold - Brand Experience & Activations

Silver - Digital and Mobile Innovation

Cannes Lions

Bronze - Brand Experience & Activations

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