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sell a drug show without selling drugs.

Drugs and violence are no joke in Mexico,
and we showed that Narcos is more than that. 

Netflix's Narcos Season 4 is different from previous seasons, it tells the story about the rise of the first drug lords in Mexico. As cool as this brief might sound (starring Diego Luna, one of Netflix hottest shows is turning local, and -of course- the opportunity to make drug puns like crazy), talking about drug trafficking in Mexico is no joke, it can go from very disrepectul to life threatening. So we had to be smart, we had to prove that the show is actually relevant to mexicans, not just violence and drugs. 

Ok, what I did: This project mutated a lot during the many months it took to come true. I started with the brainstorming, and developing the idea, together with my partner we wrote the scripts and supervised every part of the production.


+92K views on Netflix's Fanpage

Positive attitude towards the show


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