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infiltrate a wooden donkey - filled with beer - inside an enemy brewery.

Cucapá Beer releases the Trojan Donkey in Tecate

After #ChelasForTheBand, Cucapá was no longer unknown. So we had a new goal: to get everyone to try it.

Cucapá is a small handcrafted beer brewed in a small border town, where most of it's population works brewing beer. The irony, is that they don't work in our brewery, but for one of the biggest beers in Mexico, so big the whole town is named after them. That's right! Cucapá beer is proudly brewed in the town of Tecate (Baja California).


So how do we get everyone to try it when no one in your hometown is allowed to drink it publicly?

Ok, what I did: Along with my partner, we went from brainstorming, coming up with the idea, developing the storytelling and the further actions, to rendering it real with the production team. As Art Director, I was involved with every visual aspect, from how to make the wooden donkey be obviously a donkey and not a horse, to supervising and help creating all the graphic material. 


Círculo de Oro - Mexico

Gold - Media

Bronze - Promos and Activations

Shortlist - Stunt

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